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VR Systems

Post by postme » Tue Mar 10, 2020 9:58 am

Hello all,

I'm willing to upgrade to the VR World.
But I'm overwhelmed about all different systems.
Eurocon is perhaps is a good place to see all different systems working.
All started a few years ago with Oculus Rift.
I will be using manly for flightsims ,DCS

Who is using what VR systems, and what is your experience pro /cons

Rgds Postme

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Re: VR Systems

Post by issigonis » Tue Mar 10, 2020 10:28 am

You've seen and experienced the first generation Rift first hand now.

I have upgraded to the Rift S and it's a significant step forward, mostly in the readability of cockpit instruments.
With the old Rift i had to use VR zoom in DCS quite extensively(especially in the F14), with the Rift S my usage of VR Zoom is reduced significantly. Instruments are perfectly readable without zooming.

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Re: VR Systems

Post by Tomkin » Tue Mar 10, 2020 4:59 pm

As i wrote last Year, i get my Samsung Odyssey+ from a store in NY USA , as you cant't buy it in Europe.
From time to time they sell it for 249 US$, with Shipping and taxes it was €380 so it was a good deal!
I think it will be soon discontinued, but here you can still get it:
https://www.bigapplebuddy.com/product/2 ... hild_sku=1
It has a way better picture than an Rift CV1, you cant barely see any Screendoor Efffect. On the other hand its heavier than an Rift or Rift S, but for me its ok. Just give it a try at the con.
I Play Elite Dangerous and Aces High in VR, Condor 2 Soaring Simulator also works fine with it!
Since the last NVidia Drivers Update a have a significant increase of sharpness with my Odyssey+! Its much better than you can see it in the "through the lens" Videos that you can find on Youtube!

Important! If you have an Interpupilar Distance (IPD) that is not so common, you could have trouble to get an sharp Image with systems that have no mechanical solution to adjust the IPD. I personally have this problems, thats one reason why i choose the Odyssey+!
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Re: VR Systems

Post by Hiromachi » Thu Mar 12, 2020 11:19 am

Right now there is no jack of all trades VR headset. Most popular is Rift S which is average. It's just good for average user. Alternatives right now are Valve Index (if available), Pimax 5k, HP Reverb or HTC. Each has pros and cons, like some (Valve Index and Pimax 5k) have lower resolution but wider FoV (which in any sim is important), others on the contrary. I have ordered HP Reverb which of all units has highest resolution, but standard (i.e. not better than average) FoV. To utilize it you need a powerful GPU and CPU.

Of course the holy grail of Vr is supposedly coming and that is Pimax 8kx: https://store.pimaxvr.com/shop/product/ ... n-8k-x-384#
If I like my Reverb and like VR, I'm going to get it. Price is considerable but its high resolution combined with wide FoV should give everything that is needed. One downside is the fact that its not available yet. Production was supposed to start in March, but my last contact with Pimax CEO made it clear that their factories are closed and they were unable due to current virus crisis to begin any work. So likely earliest units will arrive in the summer.

All in all Rift S is solid unit to start with. Alternatively, depending on your system and needs, HP Reverb should be the one to recommend. I should be having Reverb with me on Con so you can try it Postme.

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