Revue and Pics

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Revue and Pics

Post by livius » Tue Jun 25, 2019 9:54 pm

Salute to the Eurocon Team !

Once again a big thx for organizing the con 2019 !

Unfortunately me had to leave a day earlier but not to come, the other choice, no way!
Ok as you know, i´am a perfect ice driver :D and i told that at home .... but as allways, ah, again you have been to the netherlands, eating cakes and "things" we call "croquettes" and smoking those special perfume ... yes ... yes .... yes .... 8-)

Gentlemen, sitting here, thinking about my days at the con and having a big smile on my face. May i ask you for some
"photo-optical" material ? It would give me a nice memory,

Thx in advance, longing to see you next year and what can i say .... one of my most lovely experiances in my life .... the Eurocon !

cu livius