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Translation help

Post by Kippari » Sun Nov 28, 2021 7:42 pm

Hi I need some translation help.
I am recordin some voices of IL-2 FB to Finnish. The original German gunners ”shouts” sound so terrible that I don’t understand them. A friend of mine tried also but he raised his hands. I try to ”copy” the expressions as original as possible.
One example is ord_atkair.ogg. You find it:…. 1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles\data\Audio\radio\ger\actor51\const.
Actors 51,52 53 and 54 shout the same acknowledgements or what ever they are. But I am not quite sure about that. The voices or the meaning of ”shouts” in const-file are what I am looking for.
I ask you to listen to the shouts and ”translate” (it is write down) them to Germany or English and name the translation with the name of the original soundtrack.

First I recorded actors 81 and 82 const soundtracks for my self. But today many of Finnish pílots use them instead of the original sounds. This is like a snowball which is rolling down the hillside.
Hopely you all have been well. I am coming to Eurocon as you are. Hopely the virus don't turn to mix next con as it did.
<S> Kippari

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Re: Translation help

Post by Tomkin » Tue Dec 14, 2021 5:29 pm

Hi Kippari,

took me 15 Minutes to understand this Voice! It's hard to understand cause he speaks with some "slang"!

airborne.ogg =gestartet = started
artillery.ogg is pretty clear i think
atk.ogg = Pauke, Pauke = How to translate that in English?
attackpl.ogg = Sturmovik
attackpls.ogg = Sturmoviks
Bombers.ogg or bomber.ogg = Bomber ...
Copy.ogg = Verstanden = Copy
Fightrer or Fighters.ogg = Jäger = Fighters
Firingpnt.ogg = Abwehrstellung = Defense Position
Firingpnts.ogg = Abwehrstellungen = Defense Points
flw.ogg = Unterwegs = on the way
grp.ogg = Staffel = Group
im.ogg = not to understand
insector.ogg = im Einsatzgebiet angekommen = arrived in the operational area
landed.ogg = gelandet = landed
mate_takeoff.ogg = melde startbereitschaft = report readiness to start
obj_Spotted.ogg = objekt gesichtet = objekt spotted
ord_atkair.ogg = Freie Jagd im befohlenen Luftraum! = Free hunt in the ordered airspace!
ord_atkgnd = selbstständige bodenbekämpfung im Einsatzgebiet = Attack ground targets on own decisionord
ord_ceasefire.ogg = Feuer einstellen = Stop Firing

This is it for the Moment..its takes a long time ....

Could you please name the files that you dont understand? I Think there are a lot you already figured out!

Stay Safe


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